Some people just know that they need to clean air duct system in their house once in awhile, some wonder if it is really worth it and some still do not think about it as a part of their life. We do not want to scare You with some technical terminology and try to explain why it’s important to keep You air duct system and furnace clean with the “user friendly” language.

Not long ago, Air Duct Cleaning was considered as a “luxurious” service. When we say “luxurious”, we mean something that is not necessary, something that can wait or just not worth spending money. Why? Just because of one simple reason, people can not see inside their air duct system, they just see vent and return covers and dust it time after time. So, when You have a stain on the carpet which is visible to all Your guests or when You drain pipe is leaking, You will take care about it as soon as You can, but dust and debris in the ductwork… maybe there is no dust there… who knows.

So, We Know, we’ve seen it all and ready to show it to You, that’s why every air duct cleaning service goes with the complimentary video inspection, just ask our representative about it. The pollutants like dust, construction debris, animal dander, mold spores and much more collect in the furnace and inside of Your ducts as they do on floor and furniture surfaces in Your house. But You clean these surfaces regularly and Your air duct system can not be reached with You regular house cleaning tools, we would need a specialized duct cleaning equipment.


1. People who have breathing problems, respiratory illnesses or allergies. Quality of the air in the house is a key factor for their health condition, and if You among these people and did not clean You air duct system for a long time, ask Your doctor about it. We already know the answer, so just give us a call.

2. People with pets living inside Your home, we like pets, but going in and out of the house they bring dust and lots of this dust goes into the air in Your house and then to Your air duct system.

3. People who just moved in. If it’s a new construction, there will be plenty of construction debris in Your air duct system and it’s not going anywhere until You clean it. If it’s not a new construction, cleaning of the air ducts is also not a bad idea, because You never know how the previous owners maintain their air quality.


From everything that You read above, You already know that with the regular air duct cleaning service You will have much better quality of the air in the house. You will also notice significantly less dust on the surfaces all around the house. But there is more, You energy bill. It will benefit as well. Your air duct system with no dust or debris in it will run more efficiently and Your blower or coil will not be clogged. First, You save on reducing cost for heating or using air conditioning, secondly, You avoid costly repair bills for furnace break downs.

                                                                                      WHAT ABOUT THE FILTERS?

After reading all this, You will probably have a reasonable question, what about my filter, doesn’t it supposed to protect my furnace and trap all the dust. Yes, that is why we have filters in our furnaces and air ducts. Let’s be honest, most of the people do not clean or change filters at the time it supposed to cleaned or changed. And even if You do it on a regular basis, the dust will still be piling in You air ducts. Filters do not trap all the dust, depending on the quality of the filter and it’s usage, it usually traps 80% of dust. But if You do not clean or change it in time, it goes to 50%, and then 30% of dust etc. We usually recommend to buy filters with the price tag over 10$, even though we do not have a proven fact that filters below this price tag are worse than more expensive ones. To learn more about the filters, please visit our FILTERS page, we have a detailed description about the filters there. 

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We are always proud of our work, When we train our technicians, we train them to be perfectionists, not just a regular cleaner. We have extensive training and experience, You can trust us to give you the best service at a great price. We will not stop cleaning Your air duct system unless we both happy with the it.