There are many types of filters designed for Your air duct system, as everywhere on our website, we will use “user-friendly” language to tell You about Your options. So when you are shopping around for the new air filter for Your furnace and air duct system, You will face the choice of 2 categories: Disposable & Permanent Filters.


Disposable Cheap FilterDISPOSABLE AIR FILTERS are usually much cheaper than permanent, these are the filters that You throw away after a certain amount of time. If You do not have any breathing problems or medical conditions related to air quality in the house, You should be ok with that type of filters. We encourage You to buy filters over 10$, usually air filters which are cheaper than 10$ do no job. Filters which are less than 10$ are usually made of fiberglass. Fine dust can easily go through these cheap filters. Remember that disposable filters are usually good for 3 months, please place a sticker on your furnace with the date when You need to change it. Believe us, You will forget if there is no sticker or note. 



     Electrostatic FiltersPERMANENT AIR FILTERS are much more sofisticated that the disposable ones. Most of these air filters are called electrostatic and contain self-charging cotton fibers that attract dust, particles etc. There is a part there which can be removed and machine washed. If You have children, pets, smokers or people with allergies, that should be Your choice of the filters. Our technicians also like these filters, very easy to clean, move it in and out. There might be a problem with the size. In case Your air duct system filter compartment is designed for some weird size filter, there is an option for You to order Your size, but You would need to wait for Your filter from one to two weeks. These filters fit into a regular disposable filter compartment and You should not have any problem with installation. As with disposable filters, we would strongly recommend to place a sticker on the furnace with the date of the next cleaning. We suggest 2 month interval for the cleaning.



   Electrostatic Metal Filters2  There is another breed of air filters and You may be confused with the name – ELECTRONIC AIR FILTER which is also an electrostatic filter. These filters usually require professional installation, because it’s bulky and needs a dedicated space in Your ductwork. We call it Duct Mounted Filters and this filter is powered by electricity. People usually opt-in for these filters when they change the furnace, You can save on the cost of installation once You old furnace is removed. We love these filters, but spend money on this type of the filter only if You really need it. Usually there two parts of it which slide one by one into the dedicated filter compartment. There are also 2 thin metal mesh filters placed in the front, also slide one by one. Sometimes there might be 2 additional filters placed on the other side of two filtration parts. Also You can hear how it works, it makes a snapping sound  (tick-tick) when it captures the fine dust and burns it. If You have this type of filter and do hear any sound while You stand near  Your furnace, try the TEST button that should be located on the front cover/door. Mostly, these filters have ON/OFF switch located on the top and activated in conjuction with the blower/fan.



  uv light One other thing about quality of the air in the house, sometimes our customers ask about UV LIGHT FILTERS. Many companies offer this product along with installation. We made our research and did not find any proven fact that You can call UV Light a filter, neither that this light is doing some air filtration or purification of the indoor air. What we found is that this light is really sanitizing the area around it, we would say within 1 foot range, not more. So with this light installation, You will definitely get 1 square foot of Your ductwork sanitized, as for the rest of the ductwork… not going to happen. The air flow in the ductwork is too fast to be sanitized while it passes this one square foot, the light can not trap or destroy any dust, it has no effect on mold or mildew spores growing somewhere in the ductwork. Do You need it or not, it’s up to You, but remember that it could be costly. Some “companies” sell it for unbelivable amount of money, charging 500-700$ for the installation and 300-500$ for the UV Light itself.