Pricing & Packages

WHAT WE KNOW…  We know how people are afraid of hidden prices, how precise You want to be during the phone conversation or email when You ask about the cost of the service. We want to make it simple for You and for Us. We do NOT want to give You one low quote just to get into Your house and then hit You with the upsell. We want You to know that we are honest in our pricing and estimates, we have nothing to hide and we are NOT scared to show our prices on the internet or anywhere else. Also, we are NOT going to tell You that there is any limitation on the length of any duct or the time that it will take us to complete the service. We are NOT going to tell You that using a brush or whips in the ductwork is extra, that there is a charge for travel or fuel or something else what You never expected.  


So, Here are our two packages, which are simply based on the size of the house. No hidden costs. No Pressure. No gimmicks. Just True & Real Cost. As You can see, we will be glad to offer our lowest pricing for teachers, expectant moms, senior citizens and our military people. There is only one BUT in our coupons below, You have to mention or show it to our representative at the time of the cleaning. Our sales are final and if You had an estimate from our company which is higher then the coupons below, make sure You show the coupon before the service is completed. Our coupons are valid in residential areas only.

                                                                                                                                                HOW DOES IT WORK

So You are here looking at our coupon, You probably know how many bedrooms You have in Your house and it will be easy for to determine which coupon works for You. Next step is to contact us, You can do it by calling our Call Center at 855-551-0001 or sending us an email at or going to our CONTACT INFORMATION page here on the website and clicking on REQUEST A QUOTE tab. When You contact us, we will ask for Your name, address and a phone number, this information will not be shared to any third party, never. When You set up an appointment, it’s better to mention that You are going to use our coupon that You see on our website (just make our paperwork completion faster), but even if You did not mention it, it won’t be a problem. You can always show it to our technician when he will get to Your house.

So… go ahead and use our coupon, it won’t be here forever



Please remember that this coupon should be mentioned at the time of the service otherwise it’s not valid. Coupon is valid for Residential areas only. Coupon is based on 1 Air Duct System in the house, if You have more than 1 furnace in the house, any additional system is priced separately.