How We Do It

Our Equipment

slider-air-duct-cleaning 8We always say that we use “State-Of-The-Art” equipment for Air Duct Cleaning Service, but it’s not just words to attract new customers, those who already experienced our service know what we mean. Let us say that when we select the equipment for a certain service that we provide, we are very picky, we test all the equipment that we use before we bring into Your home. We have dedicated test area where we constructed a set of ducts and that let us see how efficient and how good the equipment is. We always try different brands and styles of air duct cleaning equipment before we come up with the exact one what we need to get the job done perfectly. ProClean Cleaning Services is a partner of several companies who manufacture air duct cleaning equipment, so there is always a room for the improvement. We do not want to provide You with boring technical information about C.F.M and PSI on a certain devices we use for air duct cleaning, instead, we want You to understand how it’s done and what to expect when we are at Your door.


air-duct-cleaning-systemAir Duct System Configuration

So, Your HVAC system is a set of ducts connected to the furnace (air handler). Some of these ducts are supply ducts, blowing the air into the house and the other ones are intakes (returns) sucking the air from Your house back to the system. This what makes the air circulation in Your house with the furnace in the center. The vents that You have all around You house are connected to the main trunk lines which lead to the furnace, the same thing happening with Your cold air intakes with its own trunk line (in most of the houses). To better understand configuration of the air ducts in the house, imagine a tree with the stem and branches, so these branches are Your vents or returns which are connected to the main duct. People always ask us about cold air intakes, what is the purpose of it. So, the blower in Your furnace pushes the air into Your vents, so the blower needs a constant supply of the air, that’s why we need these returns in the house. They bring the air to Your furnace. There is also one main aspect about Your returns, they provide air circulation, without them we wouldn’t have fresh air in our houses.


Access Panelsslider-air-duct-cleaning 6

Every time when the air duct cleaning is done in the house, we would need to attach the vacuum to Your main duct and get all the dust out of it. But, usually, there is no dedicated space or access for the vacuum hose attachment. So, we would need to create an opening in Your ductwork for this connection. The opening is called Access Panel. Of course, we won’t leave it open when we finish the service. The access panel will be completely sealed with the metal flashing with the screws and foil tape around it. It will not leak any air after we seal. Next time, it will be much easier for us to connect the equipment, because everything we need to do is to open an access panel from the previous cleaning. Access Panel is installed once and for the lifetime, it can be used all the times You decide to clean the air ducts


The Cleaninghow we do it5

The Method of cleaning that we use is called positive-negative pressure method. This method is the most efficient cleaning method and also recommended by National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).

What does Negative Pressure means – it’s attaching a very powerful vacuum designed and built for air duct cleaning only to Your air duct system. It has a special filtration system with the HEPA filter, so while it’s vacuuming all the dust and debris from Your ductwork, no dust can leak into You house.

What does Positive Pressure means – it’s using of multiple agitation tools, brushes, whips, air guns blasting compressed air through the vents and returns. The purpose of it is to push all the dust towards the suction point where the negative pressure unit is attached. The agitation tools that we use are safe for any type of the ducts, plastic or metal, flexible or not. The main purpose of this agitation is to remove stubborn dust that sticks to the sides of the vents and returns. Keep in mind that every air duct system is unique so sometimes the cleaning process might be performed in its own unique way.

Both of these pressures should be applied at the same time, using just one without the other one will not bring any result.