Clogs & Bird Nests


A. You need several drying cycles to dry clothes

B. When You touch the dryer machine, You feel that it’s very hot and there is excessive heat coming from behind the dryer.    

C. The temperature in Your laundry room is hotter than usual.

D. The clothes that come out of the dryer are hotter than normal.

E. You feel some burning smell when the dryer is on.

F. The dryer vent hood flapper outside doesn’t open when the dryer is on

not all of them together, but just one of that list, it means it’s time to call 855-551-0001 and set up Your appointment for the cleaning, do not wait, take action. If You read our other sections of this website, such as air duct cleaning or carpet cleaning, You will notice that in these sections we are just informing You how and what we do. As for the dryer vent cleaning, we are trying to convince You to do it once a year, not for our profit, but for Your safety.