What is the dryer vent and why does it need to be cleaned. You’ll be surprised, but there are many people who does not know that the dryer machine that they use almost every day has a vent behind it. Well… if You are one of these people, we will try to explain all the details here. Every time You place a load inside of Your dryer, the clothes are wet, so once all this moisture is removed from Your clothes by the heat inside of Your machine, this moisture along with the lint should be routed out of Your dryer machine, otherwise it all will just go back to the clothes. The vent behind the dryer is bringing the air from Your machine to the outside. It could be routed to any side of Your house and the best way to find it, is to turn the dryer on, then go outside and check which one of Your outside exhausts is blowing hot air. Sometimes it would be hard to find if the vent is going behind the deck or to the roof.

So, the reasonable question here is “What can go wrong? It’s just a vent from the dryer to the outside…” But there are lots of dangers hidden in this vent, which could cause fire in Your house, breaking Your dryer machine or simply preventing from using Your appliance by malfunction


  1. The lint clogs the vent inside and can easily catch fire due to the heat or spark
  2. The lint clogs the vent inside and  hot air along with the moisture comes back to the dryer and not letting the clothes to dryductsample-full
  3. The moisture builds up inside of Your vent and creates “Water Clog”
  4. Hot air accumulating inside of the dryer creates excessive heat and the appliance breaks down or start to malfunction.

These are just a few reasons of what might happen, please go to our                CLOGS & BIRD NESTS page to get the detailed explanation

Lint is very combustible and it could easily become a fire starter in the house. It’s estimated that around 15000 fires starts annually due to the dryer vent fire. It is very important for every one of us to understand that this service is a must, not just some routine cleaning that could be forgotten. There is another problem associated with the clogged dryer vents, and this problem is called utility bill. You will pay double or triple of what You supposed to pay for Your utility bill when You try to dry clothes with the clogged dryer vent. You will need 2-4 drying cycles to dry the load completely.