Carpet Protector

How Does It Work? > We offer protector for carpet & upholstery. The Protector forms the molecular shield around each carpet fiber. The shield will help to repel liquid spills and the dust and dirt will not be absorbed by carpet fiber.

 Is it Safe? > The Protector is safe around family and pets. Non-Toxic, Undetectable by sight, smell or touch. It’s good for all types of carpet.

How Often Do We Need To Do it? > It’s believed that the treatments should be replenished approximately every 2 years, especially in the abraded foot traffic areas.

When it is Applied? > The manufactures recommend to apply the product after the cleaning.

What Product / Brand Do We Use? > We use only premium quality product. There are two manufacturers that we prefer: DuPont with its Teflon Advanced and 3M with its Scotchguard. Based on our expertise these are the best brands presented on the market today.

How Do We Apply It? > The Protector is applied after a proper cleaning of the carpet or upholstery by spray application, it dries quickly and leaves no odor.