Pricing & Packages

We know what our Customers expect from us – The Best Carpet Cleaning which is possible to find when You shop around. And that is exactly what we want to offer, but in order to do this, we need to offer Best Pricing along with the Best Quality. And this is our commitment. Besides the most powerful equipment and exceptional training for our technicians, we were trying to avoid any up-sell and figure out how to make our prices understandable for people. We know that it’s always stressful when somebody is offering You an unexpected price for something that You really need. So we want to take stress out of You life and offer You three packages of cleaning, with the flat prices. The choice of the package is yours, of course we will be glad to inspect Your carpet and based on its condition provide You with the professional opinion. But You are in charge, You will tell us what are Your needs and what package fits Your budget.

Before we start with the description of every package, we want to explain what is Pre-Spotting & Deodorizer means, because You can see these two items in all of our packages. 

           PRE-SPOTTING (aka Pre-Spray) – It’s very important step of the carpet cleaning process. We first pre-spray the carpet, wait 3-5 minutes and then begin cleaning. This 3-5 min period gives Pre-Spray time to break down general dust and soil within the carpet. There is always an option just to add our pre-spray agent directly into the tank with the water that we use for cleaning or mix it with the water before it reaches Your carpet. But we do it the hard way, as we know that applying the Pre-Spray before the actual cleaning gives a significant boost for the cleaning results. 

         DEODORIZER – We know that tastes differ, that is why we use a very light scented deodorizer, the main purpose of which is not to add nice smell into Your carpet, but to neutralize any reaction for the cleaning solution that we use. Even though we always use Green Seal Certified Solution, we want to make sure that You feel comfortable in Your house when we finish the service.

      All of our packages go with the STEAM CLEANING METHOD. To know more about why Steam Cleaning is Your best Choice, please CLICK HERE.  

      All of our packages go with GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED SOLUTION, we use the most powerful advanced Soap-Free, Detergent-Free, Organic Non-Toxic aggressive cleaning products on the market. carpet banner5



DEEP CLEAN PACKAGE – It’s our most popular package, this package goes with Pre-Spotting, Deodorizer and Deep Scrub Restoration Cleaning (Manufactured in USA by Rotovac). Please watch the video above, so You will know exactly what Deep Scrub Restoration Means. It’s a very powerful combination and this package is very good for removing dust, dirt and soil from the carpets as well as restoring the original color of the carpet. Recommended cleaning interval: 6-8 months. Average drying time: 4-6 hours

PRIME CLEAN PACKAGE – This packages offers Pre-Spotting, Deodorizer plus the power of our DEEP CLEAN Package adding Stain Treatment. That is the best possible way to clean Your carpet and keep it clean for a much longer time. The Stain Treatment works in the areas where our regular Pre-Spray will not able to clean the spot on the carpet. Recommended cleaning interval: 1 year. Average drying time: 6-8 hours


We want to provide the same understandable pricing for the cleaning of the staircases. Almost all single family houses and townhouses have stairs inside. So, the pricing goes like this: 

STAIRS – $3 per step with DEEP CLEAN Package / $4 per step with PRIME CLEAN Package / LANDING – We usually count 1 landing as 3 steps / HALLWAY – If Your hallway is less than 50sq.ft – it’s free, otherwise it’s counted as a room

ADDITIONAL ROOMSIf You have more than 7 rooms that You want to clean, we will continue to offer discounted rate for each additional room: $25 per room with DEEP CLEAN Package / 30$ per room with PRIME CLEAN Package

ROOM SIZE LIMITWe usually do not measure every room, but if You have a very large room which is more than 250sq.ft, we will need to count this room as 2 rooms. We also have a rule, Living Room & Dining Room = 2 rooms